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The Poltergeist House

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30 East Drive, Pontefract, West Yorkshire WF8 2AN United Kingdom

Reputed to be the most violent poltergeist haunting in Europe, 30 East Drive was home to the Pritchard family in the 1960s. Dubbed ‘Mr Nobody’ by the local press in 1968, the family preferred to refer to the poltergeist simply as ‘Fred’, perhaps as a way of normalising ‘It’ as no number of initiatives could persuade the entity to leave the family in peace and house-proud mother Jean refused to be terrorised out of her house by an entity.30 East Drive Ghost Hunting EventExorcisms were met with indignation; walls would seep holy water, faces were slapped, people were shoved down the stairs and ‘Fred’s’ hands would appear from nowhere and conduct the Christian songs aimed at shooing him off – whilst wearing huge women’s fur gloves. In fact, many of Fred’s antics were both amazing and often highly amusing, like when he calmly poured an entire jug of milk he removed from the fridge over a sceptical aunt, leaving the kids in stitches.

In recent years the house has laid empty but is now owned by the maker of the film ‘when the lights go out’ which is based on the Pritchards story.

Recent activity has included doors opening, bedrooms being trashed, voices and moans, phones and cameras draining of life and guests being scratched.